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Midnight1970 August 15th, 2006 10:45 PM

I was a cognitive researcher for years as I have a grad degree in this area.
I had 2 experiences with ocd prior to my current situation. Early childhood was treated with exposure response with no relapse. Well doing my disertation I developed ocd again. I treated myself with exposure response therapy and no relapse until 15 yrs. later after giving birth for the first time. Both previous occurrences lasted only 1 month. I am working with a specialist who was successful through thought stopping for all my obsessions. I had 5 to start with. These are all typical- word repitition, song repetition, body obsession etc. I have always had only obsessions no compulsions. I concurrently am being treated with high dose of zoloft as I also suffered post partum depression. I currently have only one compulsion with no obsession. I mentally see the spelling of certain words in my head when someone is speaking or I am mentally thinking to myself. I have tried distraction through focusing on the conversation, picturing a color, ignoring it etc. I have had no success because I do not understand the reason behind the occurrence and it has no sequence. I do not know how to do exposure therapy or even any other type. I have also tried doing math in my head while speaking. The therapist says ignoring it will make it go away. Any suggestions not tried would be appreciated. The therapist works basically from the book Brain Lock by Schwartz.

John Simon August 19th, 2006 01:11 PM

Re: OCD and CBT
I won't reply specifically to your case since we can not do case consultation via the Internet. However, I would say in general in cases like this I have suggested a couple of things that may or may not apply to you. First, if distraction is not working then I suggest that they try something else. DOing more of the same probably will not work if it is not working now. I usually have the person change the words that they are spelling out to be more useful to themselves such as peace or happiness etc. Second, if that does not work, I suggest that they could take the words they are spelling out and then use them in sentences, in their mind, that give them comfort. For instance, if they spell out the word "rain," they could think "the rain on the lawn makes me feel so peaceful etc. I know this stuff is not necessarily cog/beh but it may work for some people in some situations.


ed raymond August 28th, 2006 10:57 AM

Re: OCD and CBT
This may sound a little unconventional but it usually works for me. If you notice advertisers are very good at getting things into our head and the problem you are referring to is getting something out of your head.I reference a recent commercial here by dunkin donuts "the backs of my legs...sticking to the pleather". This little tune rattled around in my head for days. What I use is a technique used by many rock bands when they are in session. Its called a break tune. Its the tune they use to transition from session to break and back. I was specifically associated with a band that used the tune Kansas City as thier break tune. Personally, I use Riders on The Storm by the Doors. Its stronger and thus seems to have more power thus stopping Wall Street from messing with our heads more effectively. I also can suggest Allison by Elvis Costello or Can't Find My Way Home by Blind Faith,............Good Luck.................Ed

Fionnula MacLiam November 14th, 2006 12:12 PM

Re: OCD and CBT
I wonder would just accepting this help? I realised lately talking to somebody suffering from similar intrusions, how often I have intrusions when engaged in conversation...........My intrusions are usually of the mundane kind "What will I cook for dinner tonight" "Must remember to buy X" (I think everyone gets these!). The point is that I can dismiss them easily (usually) because I don't have any emotional response to them i.e. I just accept them. Mindfullness could be useful here, in learning to 'defuse' from thoughts.

alexandra_k November 15th, 2006 03:14 AM

Re: OCD and CBT
Yeah. If you try specifically not to think of a certain thought then it tends to make the thought worse (an ironic process).

I guess it would be good to have a number of strategies in your tool kit so you could try one and if that doesn't work then move to the next one on the list etc.

I guess you have
- distraction (alternative stuff to focus on)
- using it as a basis for more positive thoughts
- acceptance
I wonder what else you could try...

Something I do is mindfulness meditation to focus on my breathing. If I focus on how my breathing *feels* then while thoughts occur to me I just gently refocus my attention back on my breathing. It kinda works for flashback type memories... I wonder if it would work for your thoughts? I guess this fits under the header of distraction...

Stefano Amico November 15th, 2006 06:52 PM

Re: OCD and CBT
You may try this:
Every time you have a compulsion to repeat a word say it 20 times, no one more, no one less. You can chose not to say it, but if if you do, say it 20 times, no one more, no one less. This applies to each time you have a compulsion.

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