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zoom901 August 24th, 2010 03:19 AM

Hi.My name is Sam and i used these 2 affirmations 3 months ago(i love myself for self-respect and i am part of god everything is possible because i am part of god to remove fear).they were successful for self recpect and to remove fear but for some reason they have popped my ego up, in other words before I use to calm and humble and never use to get affected by anything but now i feel like i am the greatest,i get offended very easily, get angry EASILY, and i dont like this aspect and i never use to be like this..
I want to get rid of my this new bahaviour and become humble, down to earth and remain unaffectted my words and attitudes.i tried these affirmation (i am nothing and i am worthless), but they don't seem to be working.can some one tell me what affirmation would remove this feeling and reduce my ego, or what would be a similar affirmation to" I am nothing"

eLayla August 24th, 2010 06:20 AM

Hi Zoom/Sam.

I am new here too, the way I understand it this is a forum for professionals to discuss related issues and help for people with problems is available on other forums: see forum FAQ

While I am not a professional, just a volunteer, I would recommend affirmations such as 'i love and respect myself and others' or something like that.
And instead of 'i am part of god everything is possible because i am part of god' also to add 'others are part of god too, so I love and respect them too'.
Also try 'I am not worth anything less or more than others, we are all god's children and worthy in god's eyes' or something like that?

I would also limit 'everything is possible' with something like 'wonderful things are possible' or 'amazing things are possible as long as it is truly god's will and in the best interest of all of us' or something like that... Hope any of this helps. We are still limited with laws of Nature and physics, somewhat, though many wonderful things ARE possible..

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