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reynold1 October 26th, 2005 10:47 AM

Online Therapy Study- paid
I'm a doctoral clinical student currently conducting a Miami University and Ohio Mental Health Department supported study of practitioner’s and consumer’s process experiences of the efficacy of online therapy. Participants in the study will complete two brief five-minute forms each week on the therapeutic relationship and on their perceptions of their sessions and their mood after the sessions. Licensed therapists will be paid $100, and adult clients $50, for taking ten minutes to initially register and then reporting on a minimum of six weeks of therapeutic exchanges. Participants will not reveal the confidential nature of their interactions.

This study hopes to contribute to the empirical research base by demonstrating with reliable and valid online forms whether online therapy participants do develop meaningful relationships and experience their sessions as deep and energizing to help contribute to the legitimization of this method of helping. Your deeply appreciated participation in this novel project starts by following this link:

Much thanks,

D'Arcy Reynolds, M.A.
Department of Psychology
Miami University
Oxford, OH

sayuri August 16th, 2010 02:28 PM

Re: Online Therapy - opportunity
If anyone hears of anything like this again, please post. I would love to participate.

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