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James Brody June 2nd, 2008 11:20 AM

CZ: Cartoon Reprint
I am surprised that the Czechs ever speak to the rest of us. I also feel a deep respect for their surviving Hitler's thugs as well as those of the Soviet Union. Recently, they not only face down Putin but also Algore! (see separate post under "Global Warming Cools Down")

"Mohammad caricatures appear in Prague

"Caricatures of the prophet Mohammed have appeared in Prague, together with slogans stressing the importance of freedom of speech. According to the news website Novinky, the billboards were seen in a number of Prague locations. They are said to be copies of the original Danish caricature with slogans such as "Freedom of speech comes at a price" and a link to a web page which is still under construction. Its authors allegedly want to condemn Islamic fundamentalism and stress the importance of upholding freedom of speech. Similar billboards appeared overnight in Brno, Moravia at the end of March. Muslims in the Czech Republic have condemned these actions but say they will not respond to provocation."


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James Brody June 2nd, 2008 11:26 AM

Cartoons & Riots
Those in winner-take-all organizations sometimes have no sense of humor. Genetic? Perhaps.

For the rest of us, cartoonist Michael Ramirez is an extraordinary talent! He has one of Churchill and Harry Reid that deserves resale, framing, and billboard space on I95 and at several places on the beltway around D.C.!


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