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James Brody June 10th, 2010 10:39 AM

Rick Santelli's Rant
"You cheated me," "I'm abandoned," "you made fun of me!" ... core complaints in the human soul and brainstem...products, perhaps of being small, declawed, defanged, and living in groups of not only protectors but also beggars and cheats...thank whatever gods may be for moral indignation!

Michael Barone: Rick Santelli's Rant

"His complaints about the Obama Democrats' policies were rooted in moral considerations as well as economics. (emph added, jb)

"After the latest round of primaries, some lessons can already be drawn from this political year. Incumbents are not popular, especially Democratic incumbents. Democrats' big-government programs are hugely unpopular. Economic distress has made Americans yearn not for more government but for less.

"How to explain something contrary to the New Deal historians' teaching that economic distress increases support for big government? Clues can be obtained, I think, by examining what amounts to the founding document of the tea-party movement, Rick Santelli's "rant" on the CME trading floor in Chicago, telecast live by CNBC on Feb. 19, 2009….

"Granted, the words are not as elegant as those of Thomas Jefferson or John Adams. But the thought is clear. Santelli was arguing that the people who, in Bill Clinton's felicitous phrase, "work hard and play by the rules" shouldn't have to subsidize those who took on debts that they couldn't repay." (emph added, jb)

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