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brandons_mom December 3rd, 2010 04:10 PM

First EMDR session-total bummer
Hi, my name is Ashley, I'm new to this board. I'm happy that I've come upon a place that can openly discuss our progress with EMDR. I've been seeing the same therapist now for about 2 months. He tells me we have all this "preliminary" work to do with my personality before we could progress with EMDR. I've tried every other form of psychotherapy out there, including hypnosis although the lack of finances have been sort of a hinderance. I had my first session of actual EMDR yesterday and these last two months I've been thinking that EMDR would be the "miracle" I was searching for, I have a lot riding on my mental health including gaining full custody of my son again. My therapist waived a pen back and forth in front of my face and I have to say nothing really happened. I have to go for now but does something start happening after time goes on? Did I pick the wrong target/trigger? My therapist was postive EMDR would help me but I'm really dissapointed. Thanks for your replies.

Sandra Paulsen December 7th, 2010 07:56 AM

Re: First EMDR session-total bummer
I don't have enough info to know what happened in your case but I'll make general comments that may or may not apply to you. EMDR works best on traumatic memories or experiences that had maladaptive lessons learned. If one targets one's cole slaw recipe nothing will happen. Usually. Though I guess it could slide into memory of that bad picnic with Uncle Ralphie.

Most likely, if there is an appropriate target memory and appropriate work up, if nothing happens some part of the self is blocking it, and something has been overlooked (or shined on) in terms of ego state defenses. Dissociation should be checked for - one way or another - in every single client before doing EMDR. Because it often hides. That's the whole point. laying low.

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