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therr1230 December 3rd, 2006 01:13 AM

Group Ethics Statement
This is my first visit and first post. As a class project for Group Dynamics, we must fully develop a Group Plan, with all supporting documents. One of the example documents was a "Group Ethics Statement" (along with informed consent, confidentiality, etc.) I'm not sure I understand what this is, and in trying to search for an example, I stumbled upon this site.

The group plan I am developing is a service project for high-risk teens that involves social contact with a local senior center, which will culminate in providing volunteer staff support for the local Senior Olympics. I am using Adler as a theoretical base and have created Permission to participate forms, media release forms, and a sample discussion agreement, noting that the group members will have to develop one together once the group begins.
However, I don't understand exactly what a group ethics statement would entail. Can anyone give me a description of such, or direct me to an example?


William Reid December 5th, 2006 08:38 AM

Re: Group Ethics Statement
Welcome! We get several dozen readers a day, so I hope some folks will respond about "group ethics." I'm not sure what the phrase means in the context you mention, though ethical behavior in/of both provider and clinical groups is certainly important.

Have you asked the person who gave you the assignment? Other project members? If you find information outside this forum, please share it here.

Bill Reid

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