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Sandra Paulsen January 5th, 2005 02:41 PM

Humanitarian Relief- EMDR for Disasters
The EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) is preparing to send EMDR trainers and facilitators to tsunami and earthquake ravaged South Asian countries for EMDR training.

In any natural disaster, many psychological traumas occur. These include the loss of life, loss of loved ones, loss of all possessions, a range of terrors, shattering of assumptions of safety, and many more issues can combine to cause post-traumatic symptoms. These may include: nightmares, flashbacks, detachment from others, feeling of unreality, bodily symptoms, triggering of unresolved childhood terrors, and more.

EMDR is an effective treatment for PTSD. HAP has a history over more than a decade of conducting training and treatment in disaster torn areas. This effort is entirely based upon donations.

If you wish to donate to this cause, or learn more about HAP, please go to

Thank you,
Sandra Paulsen PhD
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