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  1. Welcome
  2. networks: Michelangelo: One of Selection's Children
  3. Mating: I Wanna Be a Biker Guy
  4. Wallace Arthur's Biased Embryos and Evolution: A Review
  5. Max & Marriage Counseling
  6. Networks: Two Losers, the Election, & God Bless America
  7. Published!
  8. Nemo in a Straw Hat
  9. Richard's Daughter, Juliet: Review of A Devil's Chaplain
  10. Networks: Right to Left & Collapse
  12. Nets: ADHD: Inhibition, Emergent Networks, and Maternal Investment
  13. Evo-Devo: Isetta by a Harley
  14. Red vs. blue explained by white birth rate & Darwinian rational
  15. Evolution in the Subway
  16. Girlie, "Unfair" Ain't Enuff
  17. Country & Western Power Laws
  18. Crichton on Global Warming & Frank Galton
  19. Richersen & Boyd: Lost in the Pleistocene
  20. Fred and the entropy obsession
  21. blink: Thinkin,' Even in Therapy, Won't Get You Anywhere
  22. Suzuki Max: Why I'm a Pythagorean
  23. Shocking: NYT—Races clearly do exist!
  24. The Assortative Mating Theory (Simon Baron-Cohen)
  25. Harvard Crimson: Innate difference between men/women!
  26. Dawkins explains non-random evolution, attacks faith
  27. "Endless Forms Most Beautiful": Raff Rules!
  28. APA Publishes Controversial Study on Race
  29. Nets: Midlife Makes "Time"
  30. BehGen: "Quirky Kids" - Good Stuff but Misses the Future*
  31. Nets & Invisible Hands: A Review of Freakonomics*
  32. Evolved Response to Darth Vader
  33. Revised: Power Laws at HOOTERs
  34. Natural selection—the good, the bad, & the ugly
  35. NY Times, Genes, & Politics
  36. Wal-Mart's Bitches
  37. Two Papers on Emergent Networks
  38. Emergent Networks in a Lotus 7
  39. Brothers Under the Skin: Buss on Murder and Peck on Exorcism.
  40. About Chagnon's Fierce People: Admissions to Humanity
  41. ADHD & Networks: Why Males Don't Need a Sense of The Future
  42. Mania: Too Much of a Good Thing
  43. Exploratory Systems & Psychiatrists: The Beta Testers
  44. Estrogen Wars: Daisy Mae Backs Down But Wins
  45. What is Evolutionary Psychology?
  46. Imposed and Chosen Environments: Talking Fish
  47. Intelligent Design and Why Not
  48. Active Darwinism at Barnes & Noble
  49. Nets: The Family TREE? Nope.
  50. Ed Wilson Jumps Ship!
  51. Religion: Harry Potter & Flocking
  52. Conway Morris, Convergence, & Dolphin Minds
  53. A Review of David Cohen's "Where did That Child Come From!"
  54. Intelligent Design: CBS polls
  55. A Note to Howard Bloom: The Power of Scale-Free
  56. DarwinMatch.com: The Kids will be weird...
  57. Evo Devo & Your Psychiatric Drugs: Helping You Without Crippling You
  58. Bouchard on Evolutionary Psych & Behavior Genetics
  59. Mate Selection: Supernormal Teeth
  60. Paleopsych: Halloween and What Bugs You
  61. The Advantages of Looking Psychotic
  62. Biker Images: Sexual Selection on Rt. 22*
  63. Leaks in EP? Nope: Mutations!
  64. Darwin Takes Manhattan...
  65. The Left Hand
  66. Dean Edell, MD: Don't Vaccinate Intelligent Design Supporters
  67. Amplification & Sync: Parent & Child
  68. Hot Read: The Plausibility of Life
  69. Ian Pitchford Hangs It Up
  70. Rushton Again on Race
  71. Omega Berries
  72. The LAW: Alfred Lotka vs Geo. Zipf
  73. [I]Human Accomplishment[/I], Sisyphus, & the Red Queen
  74. Mate Selection: Bummy Guys & Great Broads
  75. Theater Model for Evo-Devo Psychotherapy
  76. Oxytocin: CNS Exploratory Systems
  77. Nets: Think of the Cat
  78. Expl Systs & Networks: Demons and Calluses
  79. Extended Phenotypes: The Photographer & the Poser
  80. Why Now? Vervets, Kids, & Toys
  81. Genomic Conflict: Late Old Fool
  82. Why God Is Probably a Guy
  83. The Evolution of Mental States
  84. Darwin@LSE. The Selfish Gene: Thirty Years On
  85. Vatican raps intelligent design...
  86. Women abort males but we all get better
  87. Why Women Stray
  88. EP models of mental functions
  89. Cool New EP/ Behavior Science book!
  90. Mate Choice: Sciconnect & Aspergers?
  91. Power Laws and the EP Forum
  92. I wasn't sure where to put this...
  93. Free Will
  94. The Repressor Module: EP's Holy Grail
  95. A Free Will Challenge
  96. Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified
  97. Dick Feynman on Behavior Genetics & Education
  98. Introduction to Evolutionary pschyology
  99. Evolution and beauty
  100. Two Cousins: Francis Galton Site
  101. Bose-Einstein & Journalism
  102. Egg Donors Harvested in Universities: Females & Eugenics
  103. Cultural Differences: A DNA Link?
  104. Who's got rhythm?
  105. Race Differences and Intelligence
  106. Brainy kids' brains develop slowly
  107. Summers Was Correct
  108. Pinker's Blank Slate
  109. Clarence Day: The Evolutionary Psych of Culture
  110. Post-Stroke Depression: Not just the brain...
  111. The Accident that Didn't Happen
  112. WWJD?
  113. Somatic Behavior Choice Hypothesis
  114. Politeness Police
  115. Paperback! "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"
  116. IQ Differences and Suicide
  117. Spielberg's A. I.
  118. Damasios: Professors of Creativity
  119. Cognitive Mechanisms, Ugly Babies, Wind & Winning
  120. Best brains composed of conflicting modules.
  121. Implications of Somatic Behavior Choice
  122. Bipolar Grizzly Bear
  123. A Newer Synthesis?
  124. Real Deal: Nesse on Commitment, half price
  125. Emergent Networks and Fine Art
  126. As promised
  127. Jewels of Our Genome: Comparing Human and Chimp
  128. Group Selection, Emergent Networks, and the Arts*
  129. Hamlet: A Genomics Interpretation
  130. Circularity: for Fred & Carey
  131. Natural Laws & Human Hopes
  132. Consciousness Unexplained, perhaps indefinitely
  133. Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”—“an embarrassment"
  134. The Political Brain - More Evidence of Evolved Psychology
  135. Brainy Cities: Race & Death?
  136. Homosexual Males: Social Learning Takes Another Rap
  137. Vicki Glembocki: The Annoyances of Motherhood
  138. The Royal Society Proceedings
  139. The Interesting Environments: Identical Twins Drift Apart with Time & Experience?
  140. Natures Make Nurtures: This Simian World
  141. Developmental Tuning: Live It Up?
  142. A Gift for All of You: Assembled and Imposed Environments
  143. for Alexandra: Evol & Cognition
  144. free will, determinism, and morality
  145. Emotions versus Reason?
  146. What is emergence?
  147. Selling Evolution
  148. New Twin Studies: Social Learning Takes Another Leap Forward
  149. Is Psychological Conservatism or Liberalism Inherited?
  150. Cat parasite may be responsible for cultural traits
  151. ISHE 2006: Intimations of Yoshiki Kuramoto
  152. Life's a Gas but Organized in a Tinker Toy Way
  153. Suicide: "Mother, May I?"
  154. Battle Against Scientific Illiteracy
  155. Meta Theory of Forum Hosting
  156. REVISED: Suicide: "Mother, May I?"
  157. (Revised) Sync: What to Do About WD?
  158. Ann Coulter & Wm. Provine: Evolution's Odd Couple
  159. Suicide: The Last Medicare Dollar
  160. Old speciation theory given new life
  161. Bob Trivers and Noam Chomsky discuss deceit
  162. New Yorker: Neuroeconomics (Mind Games)
  163. Andrew Brown on Dawkins and Atheism
  164. Genetics News: Mechanism To Organize Nervous System Conserved In Evolution
  165. Sync: Skinner, Tinbergen & Choices for Ethology
  166. Networks & Esthetics
  167. HL Mencken & Units of Selection
  168. Relationship with mother leaves its mark on the brain
  169. You Usually Talk to a Gene
  170. Evidence for embodied meaning: the link between actions and words
  171. Evolutionary Psychology and Mental Dysfunction
  172. Genetic Determinism Refuted
  173. Rushton on BW IQ
  174. Genetic Determinism Refuted: Pt 2
  175. God v Science, and Dawkins’s “atheism”
  176. GenetDet Refuted, Pt3
  177. GenetDet Rfuted, #4
  178. Network Physics: American Trucking Network
  179. Christmas and global warming
  180. Genetic Similarity Theory: Seer or Story?
  181. I want to find professional colleagues
  182. 12/01/2006 Breaking News on WBZ Boston, 1030 AM
  183. The Iranian: Sons Reveal What Mothers Conceal.
  184. Morality is Based on Social Instincts
  185. Remorse felt by cheaters
  186. Self-Transcendence: Janet Doron
  187. The Miracle of JC
  188. A Gene Whispers Over the Sands: Israel
  189. Collapse of the West
  190. Dikika Baby
  191. Dear Senator: Our Southern Border
  192. TIME Citizen of the Year
  193. Power Laws in a Toyota Dealership
  194. Women Invade
  196. A Bloody Burger & Chuck Darwin
  197. HNY: Dinichism & Universal Human Nature
  198. Oprah Feynman
  199. A Signal from Radio Prague
  200. James Watson on Eugenics
  201. Nets: The Snark was a boojum
  202. ImmunoAlienation
  203. Moments with Loren Eiseley
  204. Hillary Michael Weimar
  205. GPS: "It's genetic"
  206. Biopsychology NewsLink
  207. Bipolar Disorder & Social Rank
  208. Global Warming
  209. Paranoia & Cure in Barnes
  210. Astronaut Nowak, where no man has gone b/f
  211. Why Islam Wins: From Toynbee
  212. The Estrogen War: Bullying in Med Schools
  213. Autism Reversible?
  214. Syst Muscle Relaxation: Americanitis 1891
  215. Mate Selection: Testost One More Time
  216. Estrogen Wars: 1) Fewer Eggs, 2) Quirky Males
  217. Meetings Make Us Dumber
  218. Picking a Girl: Barnes Bower Bird
  219. AJ Lotka: The Physics of Biology
  220. Suicide & Conformity: Churchill on Jewish Persecution
  221. Mars Inhabitable!
  222. 295.30: "The Single Bullet Theory..."
  223. What Psychiatrists Do
  224. Toynbee & K/r-Selection
  225. Mencken on Nietzsche
  226. Nietzsche on Cognitive Therapy
  227. Sheepish Genes
  228. Sexual Signaling: Tinbergen at the Mall
  229. My Sweet Lord Contemplates Life in an Easter Basket
  230. Death: Not Proud but Damned Interesting
  231. Toynbee: Handle With Care!
  232. Good Enough Mothers
  233. Toynbee: The Sins That Men Do...
  234. Jewish IQ
  235. Vonnegut, Bose, & Rebellion
  236. Kim Komando: 185 Miles from Baghdad
  237. Vonnegut, Roger Sperry, & Sync
  238. Rare Texts: Kessinger Publishing
  239. The Self-Organization of Speech Sounds
  240. Immigration: Where Are the Fighters and Baby-Makers?
  241. Barnes on Friday the Thirteenth
  242. Pattern Maker: What's On Your Mind & Why?
  243. Kant's Brain Lesion
  244. Chimps More Evolved?
  245. Good Mothers and Short Alleles
  246. DNA Affects Psychology
  247. Sheep That's 15% Human
  248. Small Worlds Inside Helmets
  249. Lust in Translation
  250. K Selection: Extinction of Liberals & The Roe Effect