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  4. Fear of cockroaches in 12 yr old girl
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  17. Is it important to change the client's dysfunctional cognitions?
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  19. Opinions on Burns' Therapist Toolkit?
  20. CBT vs Meds vs Combination for OCD in Kids
  21. Dealing with Self-mutilation
  22. A unified CBT for emotional disorders?
  23. New Developments re Mindfulness in CT
  24. looking for cognitive distiorions scales
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  26. A "fourth wave" in CBT? Applying personality science to CBT
  27. Neurobiology and CBT with anxiety and it's disorders
  28. What uncertainties do we face in CT/CBT?
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  30. dealing with "internalizing" in children
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  32. Beck Meets Freud? (Cape Cod, July, 2005)
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  41. hi! I have a cbt question.. Please Read on
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  52. Does Solution Focused therapy (SFT) come under the umbrella of CBT?
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  59. relapse rate for cbt vs. exrp for ocd
  60. Need info on the downside to CT
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  62. Uproar at the Ellis Institute
  63. Intrusive thoughts in children
  64. Relapse and recurrent major depression
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  66. Report from ABCT, 2005
  67. Fear of Failure
  68. ATB's dialog with the Dalai Lama
  69. CBT with co-morbid OCD and Schizophrenia?
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  71. Dosis-response studies in CBT???
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  74. Avoidant PD
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  77. Misconceptions about CBT with anxiety
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  79. Magical Thinking
  80. Medication v. Talk Therapy and Depression
  81. Anyone going to APA in Toronto?
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  84. OCD in a young adult
  85. CBT for amenorrhea & infertility?
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  88. How to structure an advanced CBT course
  89. OCD and CBT
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  91. CBT, religious faith, current events....
  92. Labelling and Probabilities
  93. CBT for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  94. Hope as a factor in the effectiveness of antidepressants
  95. CBT with Borderline Personality Disorder
  96. Do Empirically-Supported Treatments make a difference
  97. Is Behavioral Activation More Effective Than CT?
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  107. Aaron Beck discusses the legacy of Freud
  108. New Developments in Cognitive Therapy (posted for Neil)
  109. Intensive Training in Cognitive Therapy. Cleveland, 10/07 - 7/08
  110. Third-wave CBT Podcast
  111. Genotype and Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression
  112. Would your Agency, Hospital, or Organization like to offer training in CBT?
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  116. First issue of new CT journal available free online
  117. CBT Workshops, Cleveland, May/June, 2008
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  120. Looking for PSST manual
  121. Big push to train British therapists in CBT
  122. Nocturnal Enuresis
  123. Preventing Mental Disorders
  124. Are there any outcome studies for Functional Analytic Ps.Th?
  125. help construction socratic dialogue
  126. Headache as symptom of anxiety
  127. Individual vs Group CBT for PTSD
  128. Treatment for Cognitive Dissonance
  129. CBT for compulsive overeating
  130. checklist for kids
  131. Antidepressants, cognition, and Cognitive Therapy
  132. looking for CBT games
  133. Scholarships for CBT Training at Beck Institute
  134. Is CBT more effective that other psychotherapies?
  135. How does CT under real life conditions compare with CT in clinical trials?
  136. Reinforcing change between sessions
  137. CBT for ADHD
  138. CBT and teaching/education?
  139. CBT and creative therapies?
  140. How to Apply Results from RCTs to Individualized Patient Care
  141. Does training in CBT improve outcomes?
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  143. Dichotomous thinking in Anorexia Nervosa
  144. CBT Catching on with High Flyers in London Financial District
  145. CBT stress management reduces risk of recurrent heart attacks
  146. The Academy of Cognitive Therapy opens new membership levels
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  148. What can we learn when empirically-supported treatments fail?
  149. Helping clients get the most out of facing their fears
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