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James Brody
December 3rd, 2006, 04:56 PM
- Germans offer a new condom of sprayed latex. A tighter fit erodes fitness. A condom that reduces disease but increases genetic suicide. Also, sex with condoms is correlated with unhappier women. Probably an antidepressant in every good squirt. Figure it out....

- Imposed vs. Chosen Environments: "We don't have specific legislation that authorizes..." So goes a reedy voice at 5:27am. I went to sleep in a country weere everything is legal unless explicitly forbidden. Damned socialists pick up another yard.
Reminded me of the Potato Gun Kid whose parents put him into a hospital to eradicate his antisocial talents. One evening, PGK asked the aide if he could run the vac. The aide said nothing and the kid switched it on.
"You just lost TV this evening."
"Oh. I didn't hear yes."
I understand why the kid needed this lesson but I don't think the rest of us need it.
Tom Sowell (Conflict of Visions) tells of bottom-up and top-down models. I like the former approach, the latter one is not only Marxist but another expression of entropy.

- A "GREEN" autoshow is scheduled. Driving a Saab once meant, with 100 percent certainty, that you voted for George McGovern. In a PTSD moment, "It all came back!" when the lady explained that the cars are usually "big & glitzy" but will be different this year. Regression to the Mean and Bose phenomena (entropy) predict uniformity when resources become less varied...hate to see it happening even if I'm correct about recognizing the phenomenon.


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