View Full Version : The Repressor Module: EP's Holy Grail

February 12th, 2006, 06:45 PM

1. The Repressor: a part of the brain that actively represses memory/thinking.

2. The Rosy Scenario Generator: a part of the brain that spews out grandiose visions of a person's imaginary greatness.

I mentioned this link before:


Evolutionary Psychology is right that all brains are a result of evolution and that psychology is a product of these brains. This is sometimes a hard sell since many parts of the brain are necessary for merely living and would, of course, be necessary for a god to create.

The "Repressor Module" is my term for a function of the right parietal region of the brain discussed in the "Repression Vindicated" section on page 4 of the link. It, to me, has no purpose other than to affect the owner's psychology and must have evolved, a basis for Evolutionary Psychology. I can see no reason that any creator (at least any fair creator) could possibly add such a module. How could he hold someone responsible for their actions if their conscious thoughts have part of reality filtered from them?

The RSG is my term for a function that the frontal limbic region of the brain inhibits as described in the "The Pleasure Principal" section of the same document. It has no apparent purpose except to give a person a distorted view of reality. It, too, makes no sense in the context of a created sentient being who is ultimately responsible for his actions.

These should be discussed in a "Psychology" section of Evolution text books.