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James Brody
January 7th, 2006, 04:31 PM
Nets: Think of the Cat
First, thoughts occur in modules, thoughts also compete with each other for survival and for offspring. Change a thought and an entire network of related thoughts and feelings switch on or turn off. Second, the last 200,000 years gave some of us a sense of "maybe." Not all of us have it, however, and most of us don't stop to use it. Our life becomes ratcheted...

The tearful wife: "He's mean. He makes me feel dumb and lazy. It doesn't count that he's nicer for most of this week because he also said mean things once. I'm leaving him and taking our daughter back to where my parents live.

"Even his cat counts more than me. Pancho was with him when we met but he marks territory in our bedroom and throws up on the sheets. He did it last night."

"Get rid of Pancho."

"Oh, but the cat is getting better"

"So is your husband. When you look at him, can you remember the cat?"

Husband agreed to watch his mouth, wife agreed to start an antidepressant.

The cat may have saved them both as well as their daughter...

Kauffman, S. (2000) Investigations. NY: Oxford.

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