View Full Version : What we do and why we do it

Philip Brownell
August 25th, 2004, 12:58 AM
Gestalt therapy is built on various theoretical tenets. While there is variety among Gestalt therapists as to what these are and what to call them, there are commonalities as well. There are ways of working and there are focuses for the work. Tracking the experience of the client (phenomenological method), connecting (through dialogue), and experimenting by moving from mere knowing of facts to enactment comprise three main ways of working in Gestalt therapy.

My question is this: what do you think might comprise essential focuses of the work? That is, what main categories might describe typical kinds of figures of interest for both client and therapist?

Two on-line sources to read in reflecting on this question would be:
Overview of Theory, by Maria Kirchner (http://www.g-gej.org/4-3/overview.html)
A Gestalt Theoretical Matrix, by Philip Brownell (http://www.g-gej.org/matrix)