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James Brody
May 6th, 2007, 07:19 AM
Fun but maybe not much new for EPers. International differences in adultery and in emotional reactions to it. The reviews are possibly as interesting as the book might be. The Times reviewer, Janet Maslin, is tough! I will wait for the paperback...


"U.S. spouses cheat like the French, but feel worse
"By Michele Gershberg Fri May 4, 9:40 AM ET

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - Men in South Africa say they cheat instead of taking second or third wives, Americans lament that love has died in their marriages, and the Japanese believe ex-marital sex isn't adultery if they pay for it."

"Books of The Times

"Can You Say 'My Wife Doesn't Understand Me' in French?
"Published: April 23, 2007

"In 'Lust in Translation,' a global survey of how adultery varies from place to place, Pamela Druckerman quotes this advice for women who cheat on their men: 'Try not to look too happy. If you never sang in the shower, don't start now.'... This cavalier conversation piece of a book, itself not far removed from a magazine article, makes pit stops in Japan, South Africa, France, Indonesia and counseling-crazy America in its quest for taboo knowledge. The shower-singing caveat comes from Russian Cosmo, but it would be good advice in any of these places...Since each chapter breaks down into a string of interviews and anecdotes, the book has no overarching structure or point. But its stories are colorfully told and often entertaining. While the book is made crass by the frank avidity of Ms. Druckerman's hunt for material (as opposed to wisdom), it has its share of wittier formulations..."