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James Brody
January 25th, 2007, 11:51 AM
"...all the ways that human societies try to change minds and to change how we humans truly interact with the environment are doomed to fail. Indeed, societies fail when they preach at their populations. They tend to succeed when they allow each individual to discover what millions of years of evolution have already bestowed upon mind and body." Michael Gazzaniga, 1992, p. 7.

Evolutionary comforters accompany modern life: such happens when human instincts make cultures. There is no surprise that fireplace, children, warm milk or tea, and assured vocal tones imply stabillity and trust.
One aspect of culture is that defectors take on those symbols.

Thus, Michael Jackson's assurances about his play room, the fire, warm milk, and perhaps cookies or a little wine. "It's charming" has a marked similarity to Hillary Clinton's recent invitation to "Let's chat." The fireplace, flowers, and children are there. And so is the possibility of soothing the target before using it.

Some of us may recall "Matrix": a parasite thrived by taking a little from each of a lot of people who were immobilized while dreaming they were free. The same gambit lies in her enrolling all of us, one sucker at a time, including our children, in a labyrinth of rules and secrets that make compliance easy and certain, one that promises to feed us, heal us, and pay tuitions for our kids to attend the local academy of hunting and gathering, and one that, in return, assures mass compliance. (Islam anyone?) Irony: the national security apparatus intended to find terrorists will also find anyone else: a rifle can serve patriots or firing squads!

According to Dick Morris on Hannity's show at 4:35pm, Tuesday, the 23rd: Hillary has a temper that simmers forever. She also has a strident, religious conviction that no Republican can be a Christian and that the State must care for all. She has no confidence in bottom-up organizations. And she will win the election because in societies as in physics, an even distribution of meager resources takes on Bose-Einstein traits: all elements move as one and any unit can be swapped for any other. The head bee is not a superior bee but a catalyst in the right time and place.

I love, defend and depend upon the resilience of bottom-up organizations. We make them even in the most abject conditions, even when we must hide them! I also know how easily we swarm, that prefectly reasonable individuals mob for money, an electronic game, or simply to be in a crowd, and if mass communcation encourages mass contagion, then communication about scarcity multiplies its impact. I also believe that the intolerance for differences in thought and conduct that sent non conformists, as many non Jewish as Jewish, to ovens and that once sprang from the Left can do so again. It only takes a drumbeat and there is no requirement that the drummer has to be male.

The Germans have some experience in these matters...


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