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James Brody
December 19th, 2006, 12:48 PM
Dear Senator:

Thank you for your thoughtful email of 12/1/2006 in regard to the situation on our southern border. Most of us, probably for instinctive reasons, watch for cheating and react to it with indignation. Much of the heat about Mexicans, thus, comes not from fear but from moral questions. And you and I are, perhaps, in our most moral phase of life.

Moral Challenge # 1: Others who want to come cannot and those who come legally as spouses are forbidden to work. Conversely, we argue that illegals are "needed" because they will work. They come right now and never pass a physical or complete a form. And they will work in spite of having few skills beyond assembly and gardening.

Moral Challenge # 2: They get free medical. I cannot. (Nor should I.) Entitlements have a function beyond their influence on population movement. Eventually, corporate interests will be recognized as "slavers" and illegal immigration as a form of slavery. We now dull our conscience with entitlements and later with land, mules, and the franchise. As you will see below, I am less upset than Pat is about some of the long term outcomes.

Moral Challenge # 3: Some of THEM (about 12 percent?) bring interesting companions: fevers, out of wedlock pregnancies, and an enthusiasm for selling us drugs and taking our stuff. There should be no surprise about the last: psychopaths regularly break rules and won't convert to middle America's rules: after all, they only broke one more when they crossed a border.

Moral Challenge # 4: We only want the "best" Mexicans who might cohere and overthrow or vote out their present government. They are also more apt to be "responsible" and send their checks home to families in Mexico. Thus, we solve three problems for Mexico: we take away the criminal agitators, we take the political agitators, and we give it a pipe full of cash. Long term justice, however, requires that once educated and capable of generating prosperity, Mexicans return to Mexico in order to clean their house, not ours.

Moral Challenge # 5: Old White Folks and a Fair Solution
Old white folks once created a culture but now leave no children to continue it. Old fat Anglos, former captains of industry, now captain their Chinese high-def TVs. They also demand that government "do something," not only about illegal immigration but also about the armies, missiles, and warheads that Iran, Korea, and China build with the dollars spent on oil and Wal-Mart merchandise.

A Solution?: Islam makes lots of children and so do Mexican Catholics. And people with a religiosity gene get along with each other better than they tolerate agnostics and atheists. Opportunity exists, temperaments align, and a new union forms.
Brown people, many of them wife-beaters, will integrate with each other in the former American soutwest. The best, the brightest, the driven hard-heads from Mexico and the Middle East will take California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. They will organize not only radio stations, newspapers, and Internet sites but a culture that defends itself, invests in its children, and expands its influence, one that will need a few centuries of its own before it, too, dies with a whimper.

McCain might govern the new territory and take charge of Crawford, Texas, and all types of Bushes. Condi Rice can organize tours from Texas up onto New England where old white liberals rock on their porches in summer, shiver in winter, and spend their social security on Spam.


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